Friday, October 30, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird (Lila's Piece)

This is the tree from my To Kill a Mockingbird series.
I exhibited the original drawing at the Tinderbox Storytelling exhibition, October 09.
This is the adapted version, which is a commission for a greeting card.


  1. oooh, yeah that texture really does work! It ties the whole piece together more somehow? maybe it's cos it gives it a bit of depth & dimensionality so it's not just floating in white space. and it also fits in with the old look of the piece - stopwatch, leatherbound books, shingled roof. So to summarise it does work! Good Job.

    respectfully yours,

    (...I'm up here claire!)

  2. abso ..beautiful work , the colours remind me of macel dzamas work ..your imagery is timeless claire..... well done

  3. its amazing how much a difference the texture makes! It really adds a lot to it. I pretty much agree with whatever damo said : )

  4. Is this available as a stock image? I'm in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and our theatre group will be performing To Kill a Mockingbird this fall. I'm in charge of their promo materials and may be interested in using your art.